Watch: this is often why Kangana Ranaut doesn’t want her children to lead a life like her

Yesterday, the solid and crew of Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi celebrated the wrap-up party in Mumbai and talking at the event, Kangana aforesaid that she would ne’er wish her kids to own a troublesome life like hers. Yesterday, we have a tendency to snapped Kangana Ranaut at the conclude party of her coming film Manikarni: The Queen of Jhansi. when with success finishing the shooting of the film, the solid and crew of the film partied along to celebrate the occasion. If history is to be believed, the Queen of Jhansi was an individual queen and he or she was the primary lady within the history to fight against nation, thence beginning the primary war of Independence. Now, we have a tendency to square measure change you with this piece of data as a result of whereas picture taking Manikarnika, Kangana Ranaut had to not solely do intensive analysis on the lifetime of this individual queen however, live the queen’s robust life.

Ever since Kangana’s debut film outlaw (2006), the histrion has invariably been involved in controversies- the newest revolving around Manikarnika whereby the director of Manikarnika, Krish Jagarlamudi, left the film mid-way to shoot the NTR biopic and actors stepped out of the film thanks to varied reasons. Recently, at a media interaction, the histrion talked concerning the character of patrician Laxmibai and the way similar to the individual queen, even Kangana’s life has been robust and the way she wouldn’t wish her kids to own a troublesome life like hers. The 31-year-old actress aforesaid, “It’s not a form of life you’ll want upon anybody that you just like or anybody that you just love. and therefore the same with my life, I would not wish my kids to own the type of life that I actually have had or I’m having.”
While celebrating the wrap-up of Manikarnika, Miss. Ranaut reminisced concerning her life and the way she has had to fight for everything since she was born. “I do not know why however I actually have to fight for everything. I actually have to fight for virtually everything since I’m born. that’s the similarity between us, I do not get something while not fighting. So, that is fine if you request from me I’m neither proud or sheepish, I’m simply okay with the method my life is,” aforesaid Kangana.

Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi is predicated on the chronicle of patrician Laxmibai and her campaign against the British. Earlier this month, the makers of Manikarnika born the teaser of the film online and Kangana has been lauded for her individual look.