Vidya Balan reply on body shaming said: “I began to accept and respect my body”

Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan reply on body shaming:“I began to accept and respect my body”

Vidya Balan is one among the foremost gifted performers of the Indian industry. She carved a powerful niche for herself through her versatile performances over the years. However the Actress has invariably been underneath the scanner for her weigh. She also has long-faced the strength of it and brutal troll relating to her weight on social media too.
The Tumhari Sulu actress has invariably been vocal concerning the body shaming she long-faced and has ne’er shied away on speaking concerning the topic.
She revealed, “(There was) a part of my life, I was in a battle with my body. I was angry with it, hated it, and I wanted it to change, because I thought if my body changed, then I would be acceptable to everyone. I would be worthy of love. But even at my thinnest, when I managed to lose a lot of weight (it happened a few times) I realised that I wasn’t fully acceptable to everyone. So really there’s no point in trying to change yourself to suit others’ needs and ideals.”
She further added, “I began to accept and respect my body, and it’s been a long journey. I find myself happier, I feel beautiful. I think the best gift I have given to myself is that I won’t let anyone make me feel differently about my body today.”

She further added, “What amazes me is that people talk about the body so much. You enter a place and people are only having these conversations ‘Oh! You have lost weight…’ ‘you have put on weight’ ‘what diet are you on, what exercise regiment?’… it’s so annoying really, it’s so limiting. I honestly feel that I definitely don’t enjoy these conversations, and I feel people talk about the body so easily, judge another’s body, make comments, because it’s visible, it’s out there. Why do we not turn around and tell these people, who fat shame us, that you should actually be ashamed because you have got such a small mind? Nothing you do can ever change that, exercise, diet, the right kind of sleep, maybe medication!… whatever can even change our body, but nothing can change your mind! (laughs) God bless you”.