Video of Salman Khan voice communication ‘If I hit Aishwarya she would not have survived’ is viral amidst Me Too movement

Amidst the #MeToo movement in India, an old interview of Salman Khan goes viral within which he talks regarding touching Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. A long time past, Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan were along during a committed relationship. However, their relationship had hit the bottom and Salman started getting obsessive about Ash. They eventually broke up. In an interview in 2002, Aishwarya unconcealed however Salman Khan wont to abuse her and even physically raped her. Ash had same, “He would decision Maine and speak rubbish. He conjointly suspected that I used to be having affairs with my co-stars. there have been times once Salman got physical with Maine, fortuitously while not departure any marks and that I would head to work as if nothing happened.” She additional, “That is why, like several different proud girls, I over my relationship with him.”
Amidst the #MeToo movement that has started in India, in an interview of Salman Khan goes viral.Within the video, the actor was asked by the journalist if he had hit a girl (Aishwarya). Salman Khan answered, ” Yeah, currently that girl has same that I actually have. I Maintain there was a journalist Prabhu Chawla United Nations agency asked me this while past, thus I simply banged the table he got surprised, the table extremely bust. I mean, if I hit someone, it’s clearly a fight, I’m planning to be angry. I’m planning to whack and provides it my best shot. I do not suppose she would’ve survived it.”
The #MeToo movement became robust in India once Tanushree Dutta’s allegations of harassment on Nana Patekar and Ganesh Acharya. once Tanushree, many ladies known as out the names of men who harassed and sexually assaulted them.