Varun Dhawan’s fan give threat and said: ‘ I will Kill Natasha’

Famous people everywhere throughout the world are continually under the examination; be it by media or fans. Truth be told, Bollywood stars have turned out to be casualties of damaging episodes from fans a great deal of times. The ongoing to observe such frightening occurrence is none other than Kalank star, Varun Dhawan. The performing artist, who is known for his neighborly disposition towards his fans, saw a surprising thing outside his Juhu home. A stalker made a frenzy outside his living arrangement. We as a whole know Varun is constantly charming with his fans obliging them with selfies and signatures. Be that as it may, on Friday evening, a female fan made a furor and wouldn’t leave from the territory and got into a quarrel.(““)
According to a source from the security team, “There was a female fan, who was doing the rounds of his house for a long time. Varun sir usually obliges their selfie requests, if he is available. She was waiting for a couple of hours. Sir came late and she was insisting that she meet him then and there. He was pretty tired from the day’s work and wanted to rest. She refused to leave and got into a squabble. Initially, she said she will hurt herself. When she was still not able to get through to Varun sir, she threw a fit. She kept mumbling how she will harm Natasha ma’am.”
The source adds, “It was alarming for us because usually, fans don’t get so aggressive. We informed Varun sir, who panicked. She kept saying, ‘I will kill Natasha.’ After the woman refused to leave even after 45 minutes, we had to call the local police station.”