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Varun Dhawan and whole Dhawan family celebrated Natasha dalal’s Birthday in Her house..See pics

Varun Dhawan’s Girlfriend Natasha Dalal’s birthday was on 8th may.For the same,Varun Dhawan And whole Dhawan family celebrated Natasha Dalal’s Birthday in her house.

You know what,When two person’s in love, and are about to get married,they have their families support and  their families are smiling on their wedding day,what more to ask for! And more than smiling, what would be more  sweetest is if your family starts loving your partner more than you! But this doesn’t happen in all the cases… Some family make it easy for their kids , while others have to take some extra toil to make them agree and to make them  smile on their D day, but looks like ,the Dhawans fall in the first category.

Yesterday,It was the stunning Natasha dalal’s  birthday so her doting boyfriend, Varun and his entire dhawan family had spent the whole birthday evening at Natasha’s house, where, they were invited for her birthday dinner together. And there Media grabbed almost all the entire Dhawan family including Varun Dhawan,David Dhawan, Rohit Dhawan and his wife, Jannvi Dhawan. Check out  the post:

Varun Dhawan did every possible thing to make his lady’s birthday special for her. You can see that from Varun’s Instagram stories, the doting bf of the birthday girl had spent the entire birthday midnight with his ladylove and their friends. As per Varun’s  Insta story, Natasha was seen blowing the candles and cutting her birthday cake>Madly in love Varun was also seen kissing natasha  in another picture.Here are glimpses from Natasha Dalal’s birthday celebration:

Well,Quite Adorable couple they are…