Today,Salman Khan posted a new song from Notebook movie,and the song name is Bumro.

Today,the producers of the Notebook’s film unveiled another song.In the song,Zaheer Iqbal is seen dancing with children.The song’s name is ‘Bumro’.Salman Khan posted this song on his social media.

Salman Khan is ready for launching two newcomers in Bollywood through his home production film Notebook and the stars of this film are Pranutan Bahl and Zaheer Iqbal. Salman Khan along with his brothers and the star cast had launched the trailer by a great event.Today,this movie’s new song Bumro is released and Salman Khan posted it on his social media.

This song reminds us of Mission Kashmir’s song ‘Bhumro Bhumro’ and it remembered us 2000s.However,the makers changed many things and added new things to the song.Zaheer Iqbal is seen with children in the song. After Nai Lagda and Laila, Bumro is the 3rd song from the film which is released today.

The movie’s shooting was shot on Kashmir.This story is Firdaus and Kabir,they dates back on 2007.Firdaus leaves her school for getting married.Kabir is a teacher in her place.While teaching the kids,he finds a notebook,in the notebook he read about Ferdous and he fall in love without seeing her.