Thugs of Hindostan: Aamir Khan’s fan meet gets canceled in a Chinese university for not seeking permission

Aamir Khan was recently in China to promote his film Thugs of Hindostan however a Chinese University canceled the meet as the school didn’t realize the event. Thugs of Hindostan is slated to unleash in China next week. Aamir Khan’s fan following in China is thought to all or any and once Dangal and Secret star, Aamir Khan, recently was in China to promote Vijay Krishna Acharya’s Thugs of Hindostan. As a part of the promotions, Aamir Khan was slated to go to a Chinese University, the Guangdong University of Finance and social science (GUFE) in Guangzhou for a follower meet. However, in step with reports, the Chinese University had reportedly canceled the fan meet and didn’t grant permission to Aamir Khan to return to the university. In step with the Chinese media, the college didn’t realize the promotional event till weekday and as quoted by IANS, “The message was spread only among a small group of students through social media. The school only knew about it when students talked about the event hours before it was about to take place.”

While several students aforesaid that they waited outside the venue for over an hour, however, the Weibo account that promotes Khan’s films proclaimed that the school had off the event. Knowing Aamir Khan’s popularity in China, having promoted his previous films like Dangal and Secret star in China, the Chinese students were discomfited once the event was off, and a few of them voiced their opinions as they aforesaid, “It is obviously the organizer’s fault for not applying to the school to use an on-campus building,” net user Swim Xinzhu, a student from GUFE, said. Furthermore, an employee of the carsity said, “We have held similar events before and there would be no issue if the organizer had reported in advance.”
The organizer’s deputy manager, a Beijing-based film-promoting company, reposted the Weibo post by Khan’s film account, speech they were contacting the film crew and also school to figure out what caused the poor communication. However, on balance the confusion, Aamir Khan’s fan meet was resettled to a Four Seasons building and also the event all over at around 11 p.m. on Monday night. Well, as they assert, all’s well that ends well.

Recently, for the first time, China witnessed Hainan International festival and whereas the variety of sensible actors from across the world were invited to the current event, Aamir Khan too graced the occasion. Beside him, China’s star, Jackie Chan was additionally gifted at the closing ceremony of the festival. Thugs of Hindostan is slated to unleash in China next week. In India, Thugs of Hindostan recorded the best first-day assortment and highest two-day assortment for any Hindi film, and also the fourth biggest gap weekend in India, however, the film later experienced a massive drop in the second weekend.