Tanushree Dutta and Nana Patekar case: Mumbai police to go to Dutta’s home today to record her statement

After Tanushree Dutta filed a case against Nana Patekar inculpatory him of harassment back in 2008 on sets of Horn Ok Please, the Mumbai Police are going to be visit her residence within the evening to record her statement. Post her come from the United States, Tanushree Dutta opened regarding harassment against Nana Patekar on the sets of Horn Ok Please back in 2008. when her recurrent accusations against the actor, she finally filed an official complaint with reference to the current matter with the Mumbai Police. Now, wanting into the complaint, the Mumbai Police has inherited action and can visit her point the evening to record her statement. The actress had filed a criticism against the senior actor Nana Patekar in Mumbai’s Oshiwara station.

Now, in response to her criticism, a team of Inspectors from Oshiwara Police station can head to Dutta’s house within the evening at 5:30 PM to record her statement. The whole conflict dates back to 2008 once the actress was shooting a song for the moving-picture show Horn Ok Please. The actress claimed that Nana Patekar wasn’t a district of the sequence however he insisted on doing little steps with the player. She claimed that the producer, Rakesh Sarang ,and creator, Ganapati Acharya did nothing once she complained to them regarding Nana’s behavior. Post this, the actress refused to shoot the song and fast herself up until her oldsters came to urge her.
Even then her ordeal did not finish. She claimed that whereas making an attempt to urge out from the sets along with her oldsters, she was attacked by goons from a serious Political party of a geographic region that supported Nana Patekar. She had discovered the whole episode throughout the associate interview and conjointly mentioned that she had tried to complain earlier however no one stood up for her. As a result, she left the business and visited the USA. Now, when her criticism, the metropolis Police has inherited action and also the entire nation is backing her with support. loads of film industry actors conjointly came in support of Tanushree and therefore, her criticism fuelled the beginning of #MeToo movement in the film industry.