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Taimur looked adorable as always in this Ralph Lauren white tee , read more to know the worth of his outfit

We are talking about the Diva Kareena Kapoor Khan here. So, there’s should be no doubt about that she balanced both her professional life and personal life like a real pro.

She has always kept her maintained and looked after her son little Taimur Ali Khan also. Like, have you ever find any picture of Taimur that is less cuter than other ones? The media goes gaga over him every time a new picture of him comes on media.

Anyway , last Friday this little munchkin was spotted wearing a Ralph Lauren white printed tee paired with mustered colored shorts and white shoes. And as always this outfit was not something like that much pricey as other outfits that celebrities wear. You can easily get this tee and it won’t dig a hole in your purse at all ,as this costs only 29 Euro which is 2400 INR (approximately) .

But when it’s about kid’s outfits,  every parents think about the comfort not the about price of that. And when its about Taimur, he can look adorable whatever he wears.


There’s always a funny  confusion about taimur is that who does he look like, and even to his parents too. As when Kareena said,

“Every month [with Taimur] is going to be different. I think he is a perfect mix of Saif and me, more so like me, of a Kapoor, I think so. I think he looks exactly like my dad, because I think I look like my dad. He is more like my dad.”

But when asked if her Husband Saif agrees to this, she said,

 “Saif and I keep arguing that he is more like a Pataudi and I am like no, he is like a Kapoor. But of course his gorgeous sea blue eyes which he has taken from my grandfather and Lolo and that is amazing. I think it’s going to be a beautiful journey.”

And we should hope that too that, it is going to be a beautiful journey for Kareena, Saif and little Taimur.