Sushant Singh Rajput told that,”I don’t define myself with norms at all; acting is just a part of my life.”

Sushant Singh Rajput is now ready to attract his fans with his performance in Sonchiriya.In an interview,he has talked about the movie and the total idea of him for someone who does not comply to the industry ancestor for actors.

Sushant Singh Rajput’s journey was not so easy one.He share his own struggles and downers.He always try to impress with his dedication in the art. He has always done challenging roles.Now,he is ready to attract his fans with his performance in Sonchiriya which is a dacoit drama.If the audiences have seen the trailer,they can surely say that Sushant has done very well.In an interviw with DNA,the handsome actor told Sonchiriya is set in Chambal that has not hidden its identity and expansion has come in the form of technology and that place unaffected by all.He also added that,director Abhishek Chaubey has done a good job by adding row to all the characters and Sushant does not catch any excuse for the people not to be watching a film like this.

The actor said that,“I don’t define myself with norms at all. We start conversations with assumptions that we are talking to an actor. That’s also partly true because I’m selling my film. But I’m not just an actor. Acting is a part of my life. It’s necessary to see where we are heading in terms of career and life, but if you are successful and you don’t have the time to enjoy the benefits of being so, then what’s the point?”

Again he said that,“If you work hard, you will be hired to do just that all your life. I have plenty of things I like doing and acting happens to be one of them. I’m grateful for that because I have always loved performing. It never means that I don’t take it seriously. I pay attention and my intention is right but it’s just my liking, nothing else. I also believe all of us are terribly similar but remarkably unique at the same time.”