Simi Garewal to Tanushree Dutta: they cannot deduct your voice and your courageousness

Simi Garewal is that the latest celebrity to support Tanushree Dutta once the latter defendant Nana Patekar of harassment. Simi tweeted to Tanushree that ‘they’ cannot remove her voice and her spirit.
Tanushree Dutta has jolted the terribly core of screenland along with her allegations of sex offense against Nana Patekar, whereas on the sets of the film Horn Ok Please (2009). The histrion unconcealed that the actor had misbehaved along with her throughout a song shoot and once she tried to refuse shooting, mobs were rampant once her and her family. Tanushree had spoken regarding this incident years back however to no avail. However, the histrion is currently taking inspiration from Hollywood’s Pine Tree State Too movement and hit back.

Initially, most of screenland unbroken mum regarding the problem then again stars like Farhan Akhtar, Priyanka Chopra, Sonam Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra spoke regarding the matter on social media and offered their support for Tanushree’s voice to be detected. connexion the bandwagon is Simi Garewal, UN agency took to Twitter to speak regarding the case in hand. Simi tweeted, “#TanushreeDutta I’ve detected horror stories through the years of this predatory jungle. Some ladies became stars. Others disappeared quietly. Yes, they took away your career.”
“They darkened ten years of your life. however they cannot remove your voice & your courage!” Simi else.
What does one ought to say regarding Tanushree Dutta’s claims on Nana Patekar?
A supply unconcealed to U.S. that the currently infectious agent image of Team Housefull four that includes Nana was taken before the disceptation poor out. “It’s unfair to single Farah out and target her once there area unit different actresses and trade technicians within the image,” the supply else.