Shibani Dandekar defends Farhan Akhtar over Amrita’s remark that Sajid Khan’s family was responsive to his actions

Farhan Akhtar’s rumored girlfriend Shibani Dandekar took to Twitter to defend the actor-filmmaker over histrion Amrita Puri’s remarks regarding Sajid Khan’s family knowing regarding his alleged harassment discretions. Farhan Akhtar was amongst the primary screenland male actors to brazenly address the ME Too movement, that is spreading like wildfire in India. It absolutely was once Tanushree’s narration of the alleged 2008 harassment incident against Nana Patekar, that celebrities like Farhan and Priyanka Chopra came come in support of the histrion. the newest screenland temperament to be within the limelight for many alleged harassment incidents is ex-Housefull four director Sajid Khan, UN agency happens to be Farhan’s full cousin.

Farhan condemned Sajid’s alleged actions and tweeted, “I cannot adequately stress however appalled, unsuccessful and sorrowful I’m to browse the stories regarding Sajid’s behavior. I don’t know however, he can get to notice some way to compensate for his alleged actions.” However, histrion Amrita Puri showed her dissatisfaction on Twitter and declared that she finds it arduous to believe that Sajid’s family and business friends weren’t attentive to Sajid’s actions. Farhan powerfully opposed Amrita’s insinuation that his family and were attentive to Sajid’s behavior. “Your anger is even. Your conspiracy theories not. @_Amrita_Puri…” Farhan tweeted.
Defending Farhan’s stance is his rumored girlfriend Shibani Dandekar, UN agency took to Twitter to hit back at Amrita’s remarks. Shibani tweeted, “Instead of holding the perpetrator chargeable for gross misconduct are we actually blaming and shaming relations for not knowing???? really??”
Shibani conjointly reacted to many naysayers UN agency still declared that Farhan should are attentive to Sajid’s actions. One such tweet saw Shibani reply with, “He can’t be controlled in control of one thing he didn’t do or understand of .. we want to specialize in the ladies and stop with the blame.”