Shah Rukh Khan on Suhana Khan accompanying him on Zero sets: Wanted her to see Anushka & Katrina perform live

Shah Rukh Khan discovered in an interview that his daughter Suhana Khan attended him on the sets of Zero as he needed her to realize expertise. Shah Rukh Khan is on a promotional spree for his next film, Zero. The film can unharness this Friday and there’s plenty of buzz regarding it amongst the audience. It’s a far anticipated film and therefore the trailer and songs have garnered huge appreciation. Shah Rukh Khan plays the role of a vertically challenged man, Bauua Singh. in a very BTS video shared by the makers of Zero, Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan was seen on the sets of the film. Shah Rukh Khan unfolded regarding Suhana connection him on the sets of Zero in an interview.

He aforesaid in an interview,“ She came on sets because learning acting has a lot to do with spending time on the sets and learning production. She did the same in London and while she was here. She said she still has two weeks to go back to London and we were shooting a song for ‘Zero’ in the coming two weeks. So she came here to have that experience”. Shah Rukh Khan had aforesaid in an interview recently that his friends from the fraternity believe that his kids ought to begin acting currently, however he believes that they ought to pursue their education first. He aforesaid that his daughter Suhana Khan needs to be an actor however can complete her education first.
Shah Rukh aforesaid, “I wanted her to see Anushka and Katrina perform live as both are such different kind of actors. Katrina has her own charm and Anushka has her own way of enacting things. So I wanted her to spend time (on sets). So what they did is they put her onto me as an assistant director.”