Shah Rukh Khan on Sridevi’s cameo in Zero: If we have a trial, I would’ve called her first

Aanand L.Rai’s Zero stars Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif in lead roles and therefore the film is slated to unleash on December 21, 2018.Thanks to Aanand L.Rai for presenting Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma in an all-different avatar, the buzz around Zero is at an all-time high. After launching the trailer of the film on SRK’s birthday, the makers of Zero have released 3 songs from the film. Besides, of course, SRK-Katrina-Anushka, another factor adding up to the hype of Zero could be a cameo by late actress Sridevi. That’s right!

Earlier it absolutely was being reportable that Sridevi can feature during a song within the film, however, director, in an exclusive interview, aware that “It’s not a song, it is a part of a sequence. People are saying it is a song however it is not. Together with all different actresses, you may see Sri madam in it.” Though Sridevi isn’t there amongst us today, however, the actual fact that we are going to get to observe Sridevi on the silver screen makes us happy. Before the release of the film, SRK talked about however he started his career with Sridevi which had she been alive, SRK would have shown the trial of the film 1st to Sridevi.
In an interview to Times Now, Shah Rukh Khan aforementioned, “That sequence is actually not a long sequence. It’s not in any which way…it’s not an “Item” – presence, honestly. And It’s wrong to even kind of feel, “Oh, it’s a privilege to have had her in the film”, because, you know, just the loss is so great. And I hope wherever she is, she makes the world happy like she’s done. I kind of started my career when I came and did Army (1996) with her and then she’s no more and I have a little scene with her, so it’s heartening that way,” adding, “Though, obviously, having said that, I wish she hadn’t passed away. None of us wishes, we wish she was alive and it would’ve been nicer. And now that you have mentioned it, I am just thinking, if we have a trial for the film, she would’ve been the first person, I would’ve called. So, it’s sad.”

Sridevi died on February 22, 2018, by accidentally drowning within the bathtub of a hotel room when she was staying in Dubai. Later, the actress was brought to Mumbai 3 days later and cremated in Mumbai with state honors. Directed by Aanand L. Rai, the film stars Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif in lead roles. Whereas Anushka is going to be enjoying the role of the role of a scientist who suffers from cerebral palsy, Shah Rukh Khan plays the role of a midget, and Katrina Kaif is essaying the role of a superstar. Zero can unleash on December 21, 2018.