Ranveer Singh REVEALS why wife Deepika Padukone got emotional when he won Best Actor for Padmaavat

Recently, when Ranveer Singh was honored with the simplest Actor award for Padmaavat, wife Deepika Padukone had an emotional moment. The Simmba actor reveals why. Ranveer Singh is already proving to us that he’s the husband of the millennium, ever since the actor tied the knot with Deepika Padukone. It has been quite a month since the Lake Como, Italy wedding however the relationship goals are still aplenty when it comes to DeepVeer. Recently, at the Star Screen Awards 2018, Ranveer bagged the simplest Actor nod for his stupendous performance because of the menacing antagonist Khilji Padmaavat. From some leaked photos, one may see loving wife Deepika having an emotional moment on seeing Ranveer giving his winning speech.

Talking about that magical exchange between DeepVeer, an ecstatic Ranveer told us, “I always had this dream where one day I would be sitting and Deepika would be sitting next to me and I’ll be married to her and they’ll call my name for Best Actor. I will turn around and give her a kiss and then I’ll go up on stage and then I will receive my award and that happened last night (Star Screen Awards 2018) and it was magical.”
Further elaborating on why Deepika had an emotional moment, the actor unconcealed, “When I was on stage, I was just saying whatever was coming to me. It’s only later that I realized what I had said and how true it actually is. I have been working in show business for eight years now and six of those eight years, I have been dating Deepika. She’s a large part of my growth and my evolution. She’s a large part of the reason I am able to achieve all the things I have achieved in the past six years because she kept me grounded and centered. She was my support through it all, especially through Khilji because that was a very difficult year for me, a very difficult character, one that I was really struggling through. It was difficult for her, it was difficult for me, it was difficult for us as individuals, it was difficult for us together.”

“So, that year was particularly testing, the year that we shot Padmaavat. For her to witness that and then to witness this (him winning the award) was a pretty emotional experience, it was magical,” Ranveer ended.

Can DeepVeer get to any more adorable!