Ranbir Kapoor annoyed with Alia Bhatt.Alia Bhatt clears the problem.

In a video on social media,Ranbir looked annoyed with Alia for something.

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor make heads under when they look together .Their dating life is not secret anymore.Spending quality time together in some occasions with each other’s  families,both have been meet for some time.Recently a special screening of Gully Boy,both have meet together and it likes that they were arguing.In the video on social media,Ranbir looked annoyed with Alia for something.

But Alia cleared the problem and told that,”I was definitely Valentining on that day. Since I’ve been promoting Gully Boy, I had a late night and woke up late on Valentine’s Day. I was flooded with messages and greetings about our film along with some Valentine’s greetings and some marriage proposals from strangers as well.”

We know that Gully Boy movie was released in Valentine’s Day,since then Alia Bhatt was so busy for her schedule.Alia said,”There was time for Ranbir also, don’t worry,” She again added that,she and Ranbir celebrated Valentine’s Day with a quiet dinner, cooked by Ranbir’s personal chef Harsh Dixit.

The menu included “a bunch of aphrodisiacs like red chillies, avocado, cinnamon, garlic, asparagus, truffle, salmon, chocolate, cherries, vanilla and lots of love.” The chef took to Instagram to share an image of the couple and shared that it was a “semi cheat meal” but with “zero sugar.”