Rajkummar Rao stands against Queen director Vikas Bahl: I powerfully condemn no matter goes on

A year ago, Queen director Vikas Bahl was suspect of harassment by a former Phantom Films’ worker however, no action was taken against him. Recently, Kangana Ranaut had talked concerning Vikas creating her feel uncomfortable. Now, Rajkummar Rao has taken a stand on the complete disceptation and isn’t in favor of Bahl. Last year, Vikas Bahl was suspect of molestation by a feminine worker of Phantom Films. This news sent shock-waves through the movie industry because it came simply many weeks when The infectious agent Fever (TVF) business executive Arunabh Kumar was suspect of harassment by multiple girls United Nations agency have antecedently worked with the corporate. Vikas, back then, denied the allegations and aforesaid that he has identified the eristic for an extended time. He had conjointly other that the ladies in question ne’er showed any signs of discomfort whenever he was around her.

Kangana Ranaut, United Nations agency worked with Vikas Bahl in Queen, has alleged that created her feel uncomfortable repeatedly. She conjointly aforesaid she ‘totally’ believes the previous girl worker at Phantom Films United Nations agency reiterated her allegations of molestation against the director recently. She even went on to feature that he would ‘ bury his face in my neck, hold Maine extremely tight and breathe the smell of my hair’. Well, currently Kangana’s co-star Rajkummar Rao has conjointly detached and isn’t in favor of Vikas Bahl.

Rao told HuffPost Bharat, “It’s terribly surprising and unhappy. What happened was terribly unfortunate. I powerfully condemn no matter goes on. what’s wrong is wrong. We have a tendency to as associate trade ought to close to safeguard everybody is it men or girls against any quite harassment, and that I hope and pray that God can provide strength to it lady to return out of it even stronger. we’ve to deal with the protection of girls which is of utmost importance immediately, I might like to work solely with individuals with ethics and also the right ethical conducts.”
Post this disceptation, Vikas Bahl has gotten in several troubles. His name has been born from an internet series that he was to direct for an enormous digital platform. Hrithik Roshan, United Nations agency stars in Bahl’s Super 30, has conjointly spoken against the producer. He tweeted, “It is not possible on behalf of me to figure with somebody if he/she is guilty of such grave misconduct. I’m away and have access to solely noncontinuous data. I actually have requested the producers of Super thirty to require the stock of the apparent facts and take a harsh stand if want be. this is often to not be quiet or brushed underneath the carpet. All tried offenders should be rebuked and every one exploited individuals should be sceptered and given strength to talk up.”

We have conjointly told you that the manufacturers of Ranveer Singh’s next film by Kabir Khan have set to oust Vikas Bahl from the team when allegations of sexual misconduct against him have surfaced.