Nana Patekar features a history of assaulting actresses and nobody has spoken regarding it,says Tanushree Dutta

In a surprising flip of events, player Tanushree Dutta has suspect veteran actor Nana Patekar of assaulting actresses on sets. during a video interview, Tanushree has claimed that everybody within the screenland is conscious of Nana Patekar’s history of assaulting ladies however no-one ever speaks concerning it. The player more alleges that several massive actors and filmmakers within the business ar like that, however nobody dares to talk concerning them thanks to worry of losing their opportunities.

Everyone is aware of concerning Nana Patekar. He has forever been rude and abusive towards ladies. everybody is aware of that he features a history of assaulting ladies which is associate unspoken truth during this business,” Tanushree told Zoom TV in associate interview. Elaborating on the incident she knowledgeable with him on the sets of Horn OK Please, Tanushree added , “Post the incident on the sets of Horn OK Please, Nana Patekar known as up this organisation WHO features a name of execution and inflicting damages on the sets. and also the producers known as up the media to realize message from the total scenario. On one aspect we have a tendency to had the media and on the opposite aspect we have a tendency to had the organisation staff. They vandalised my automotive utterly. So, I got off my vainness van and head towards our vehicle.”

“My father told the producers that we’ll leave for the day and asked them to mull true. My father told them that this actor has been heavy my female offspring for the last two days and he or she won’t do any dance along with her. If you guys put in force doing it, mull it. and that we Sat within the automotive and wished to go away. that is after we had a giant cluster of media personnel on one aspect and also the organisation staff on the opposite aspect. They started assaultive our automotive,” Tanushree added more.