Katrina Kaif deniyed Ali Abbas Zafar’s horror film.

According to recent reports, Katrina Kaif was fixed for  Ali Abbas Zafar’s horror film.Now,Katrina Kaif deniyed to do horror film.

Katrina Kaif is ready to attract the audiences by her upcoming film,Bharat.Salman Khan is the male lead of this film and the director of this film is Ali Abbas Zafar.According to recent reports,Katrina was fixed for Ali Abbas Zafor’s horror film.In a recent chat show,Katrina was asked which type of movie she had not done anytime.She answered, “Horror.”Zafor jokingly said that he has planned and written a horror story for Katrina Kaif.After this chat show,all think that,Katrina was fixed for horror film of Ali Abbas Zafar’s.

But Katrina deniyed this reports and she said that,“The report is completely untrue. There is no such development.”Bharat film will be the like korean film,An Ode To My Father. Katrina entered into the film after Priyanka Chopra deniyed to do this movie.Katrina and Salman will see together again.

There is a some reports that Salman call Katrina for doing this movie.Katrina said, “Salman didn’t call me at all. He didn’t say a word. And this is the truth. Even when I signed the film, he did not call me. When I went for the first day on sets, he just looked at me and said, ‘Katrina’. I’m like… okay, fine! He is unpredictable which is why every moment with him is fascinating. There is never a dull moment with Salman.”