Karan Johar give reviews to the Gully Boy movie and told that the movie a masterpiece of modern times

In an Instragram post,he praises the actors’ performances and the director Zoya of Gully Boy movie.

Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt are the casts of Gully Boy movie and they are getting and receiving praises from the audiences,critics and celebrities.Many National and International critics also praised their performance.Will Smith also praised them.The movie’s world premiere was held in Berlinale.Today,the famous film-maker Karan Johr wrote the review of this movie on Instragram account.He praised the actors performance and the director’s work.

Karan wrote, “When passion supersedes grass root realities…when dreams make you wake up to bigger dreams….when you wrap rap into a form of solid expression….when you tell a story that has all this and more….that’s when you have a film that you can assuredly call a MASTERPIECE of modern times! @zoieakhtar weaves a story of aspirations in the underbelly of Mumbai like a bonafide magician….she slowly reveals every trick in her genius bag and you walk away with a lump in your throat and a swag in your step! #apnatimeaayega becomes your life mantra and all you want to do is dance the dance of great Cinema! I have just witnessed a cult classic that has possibly the best ensemble of actors we have seen this decade…”

He added that, “@ranveersingh delivers the loudest quiet performance oscillating between silence and storm and you are left awestruck by his immense versatility and ability to sink his teeth into every single character….he makes you feel every beat of Murad’s beats! Outstanding!! What do I say about the girl wonder @aliaabhatt who explodes like a volcano every time she appears on screen! You wait for her and worry about her next move with joy and excitement! ! She is so so so brilliant! I think Safeena deserves a spin off film of her own! @siddhantchaturvedi makes a smashing debut as MC sher ! He is pitch perfect balancing arrogance and goodness with the ease of a veteran! Every member of the ensemble is terrific! Congratulations to my friends @ritesh_sid and @faroutakhtar for producing this gem of a movie! And finally my dearest Zoya……you are my favourite filmmaker and I feel so proud that I can witness your genius unravel at close quarters!! Well done team #gullyboy the entire technical crew needs a standing ovation!!!! What a film!!!!!!”.