Kangana Ranaut Manikarnika co-director Krish & NTR failure: our freedom fighters gave blood for some thankless fools.

Manikarnika movie actor Kangana Ranaut.She has been constantly in headlines for her film Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi.this movie also entered the Rs 100 crore club at the domestic box office.co- Director of Krish has been constantly headlines for various reasons. Because he slammed Kangana Ranaut for taking all the credits of her film Manikarnika. Krish had reportedly left Manikarnika to direct the NTR biopic titled NTR Mahanayakudu, which failed at the box office.
EXCLUSIVE: Kangana Ranaut on Krish & NTR failure: It’s now time to question everyone who attacked, harassed me
When Kangana Ranaut was asked what she has to say about the entire matter, the actress told Pinkvilla, “Yes, I also read about zero recovery of NTR, it’s called black mark on the actor’s career. My heart goes out to Balakrishna sir who trusted Krish and put so much at stake, but for me now is the time to question every vulture who was out for my blood, who attacked and harassed me for taking charge of a troubled situation and making a critically acclaimed and commercially successful film (Manikarnika), but what is shameful is that Krish and some paid media ran a sabotage campaign against a martyr’s biopic. Honestly, I am embarrassed of them, our freedom fighters gave blood for some thankless fools.”
though Paresh Rawal twit about to justify “According to these dimwits and pinheads they believe that superman and Batman in Hollywood films are actually flying and it’s not some camera trick or CG effects …!”