Janmendra Ahuja who is Govinda’s nephew dies because of heart attack at the age of 34

Today at 2 pm,the funeral are organized.In the funeral,Govinda together with his son was attended.

Govinda’s nephew Janmendra Ahuja known as Dumpy.He was died of heart attack this morning.Govinda’s brother Kirti Kumar was the father of Dumpy.Dumpy was 34 years old.Dumpy was feel unwell and he was feel chest  pain and collapsed.Family members took to him hospital quickly.The circumstance occured at his Versova flat in Mumbai.On hearing of this death,his family members visited his residence.Govinda, Krushna Abhishek, Kashmera Shah, Ragini Khanna and other family members as well as Dumpy’s close friends were came after hearing the news of death.

Kashmera Shah told that Dumpy’s death was due to natural causes and ruled out any kind of found play. The family was shocked after hearing his death news.

The funeral are organized today at 2 pm and Govinda together with his son and Krushna were attended the funeral.