Is that Deepika Padukone’s name in Mehendi on Ranveer Singh’s hand?

Today, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh reached Bombay when ligature the knot in Lake Como, Italy. Whereas meeting and salutation the media and fans, we have a tendency to got a close-up of Ranveer Singh’s Mehendi and that we surprise if it’s Deepika’s name. It all began with Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh creating a political candidate statement of their wedding on their social media channels. Next, DeepVeer left for Italy and whereas we have a tendency to were waiting with impatience for his or her pics, the couple posted 2 candid photos from their wedding on social media. In contrast to different B-town weddings that allow the social media floodgates open once the marriage is over, DeepVeer’s wedding has been a really non-public affair, with simply few photos from the marriage doing the rounds.

But currently that this couple has landed on Indian soil, they clearly can’t escape the media and paparazzi and well, we have a tendency to area unit all too happy. Right when setting out of the airfield, Deepika and Ranveer greeted the many fans waiting with patience to catch a glimpse of their terribly own Bajirao and his Mastani. though the couple was virtually mobbed by the fans at the airfield, however, they were all smiles and ne’er for a second did DeepVeer frown watching the mania such a lot so Ranveer turned the proper bodyguard for Deepika.
Now, what caught our attention whereas Ranveer was waving at the gang was his Mehendi and what has very been on our minds since Day one isn’t Deepika, however, Ranveer Singh’s mehendi. Why? as a result of we have a tendency to detected that Singh is obtaining Deepika’s name written on his hand in mehendi. Whereas all this whereas we have a tendency to were solely hoping to visualize a close-up image of Ranveer’s mehendi, today, whereas waving at the media, we have a tendency to got a close-up read of Ranveer’s mehendi. Whereas we have a tendency to attempt to fathom what’s written on his hand, a bit facilitate from all you guys are going to be welcome. Is that the Deepika’s name on his hand? throughout the mehendi ceremony, we have a tendency to had detected that Deepika had a breakdown and Ranveer came to his bride and consoled her.

After the couple left for Italy, first, DeepVeer got married during a four-hour long Konkani-Brahmin ritual and daily later, Deepika and Ranveer changed vows as per the Anand Karaj rituals. Post their arrival in Bombay, the couple can leave for Bengaluru on Nov twenty, 2018, as their reception is dated for November 21, 2018. The one in Bengaluru is on November 21 at The Leela Palace and also the one in Bombay is on November 28 at Grand Hyatt.