Exclusive: Raveena Tandon on Me Too: I have been wooed & flirted with; I was the kind who would name & shame

In a conversion, Raveena Tandon spoke regarding her battle Me Too Movement in India and the way it’s caused a modification within the mindsets of men in the movie industry. With the wave of modification starting in India with the beginning of the #MeToo movement, the middle of attraction has been the Indian movie industry. several huge names have popped out with the movement gaining momentum and dealing ladies from the trade have received plenty of support from the movie industry and media. With personalities like Alok Nath, Vikas Bahl, Kailash Kher, Sajid Khan and additional among the defendant, the whole nation’s attention is targeted on the movie industry and who are next to be noted.

Amidst the support that the movement is obtaining, several movie industry actors have spoken out and have extended their support to the survivors. Amongst them, a noted actress, Raveena Tandon too spoke regarding the Me Too movement quite brazenly and has taken a robust stand against harassment at workplaces by men. She was recently appointed to the harassment committee of CINTAA to seem into complaints of sexual misconduct. In an interview, she spoke regarding her own experiences over the years with men from the trade.
We needed to talk to you regarding the #MeToo movement. What’s your battle the actual fact that a variety of ladies have popped out against several huge names from the industry?

Raveena Tandon: I tell folks, Der Aaye, Durust Aaye. ne’er too late for this to happen. In fact, India had the chance to possess their Me Too movement several, a few years agone before it started in Hollywood or in America as a result of our ladies are speaking out ever since. Sadly, I think that there was no solid support for them whether or not it had been through even the media, I’m sorry however I hold the Media accountable additionally huge for it. They never paid that sort of attention to stories like this. That may have created a world of a distinction even then. But, like I same, that it’s nice that we’ve got the media support nowadays and that we did not have support earlier from organizations or unions bodies still. As a result of everybody living in sure concern. But now, like I same, it’s never too late and also the support we’ve got now could be overwhelming. and that I additionally feel that there area unit plenty additional ladies in our workplaces. Be it camera ladies or ladies editors or director or choreographers, there are additional ladies within the workplaces and so, the movement includes a ton additional sturdy hold and it is not utterly biased and male-dominated.
Will the #MeToo movement evokes a modification in people’s outlook or within the method things are occurring within the trade from some time?
Raveena Tandon: I positively feel it’ll. The modification has already begun. This movement is already bearing fruit. If men have control power over operating ladies, ladies who need to form a career, who area unit since regarding their work. And sadly, these workplaces weren’t safe for them, from sexual predators. Ladies have succumbed to the current quite treatment for what? Simply because they needed to form an honest career, push or be sincere to their work that they’d to be taken advantage of? It’s very shameful, here, who are stepping out of their homes to form an honest career, then they need to face harassment like this. Men control power over work by grueling them if they did not compromise by throwing them off comes or harming them at their workplaces which power is being removed from them currently and that they area unit being named and shamed. I believe that’s fantastic and you’ll see heads area unit rolling. A minimum of there’s a moment concern in folks currently that they can’t profit from anyone who walks through that door who needs to sincerely work. Who is willing to figure onerous and create a career for themselves.
This change was required within the movie industry and things were occurring for quite a while. Since you have got been a region of the trade.

Raveena Tandon: I’ll tell you one thing. It’s not solely my trade. I even have seen it happening in media too. I even have seen it in airlines. these items additionally happen in Politics. This happens every place. So, let’s not zero it all the way down to my trade. I’m spoken communication that we tend to all, at Pan Republic of India level, need it to be a safer operating atmosphere for operating ladies. Is that an excessive amount of to raise for? There ought to make sure pointers, sure clauses. there’s Vishkaha act then there’s additionally the harassment act. yet, these items ought to be enforced and there ought to make sure operating rules in workplaces and even men ought to create that special effort. See to that that things area unit clear and things area unit safe for girls colleagues.

You have got been a region of the trade for therefore long. several actresses have popped out with their Me Too story like Renuka Shahane. Throughout your course of operating, did you ever feel uncomfortable whereas operating during a sure atmosphere or whereas operating with somebody at that time?
Raveena Tandon: You recognize, I even have been lucky enough and that I am lucky that I even have been sexually annoyed. Yes, there’s a distinction between harassment and being flirted with or somebody creating a pass at you. I hope folks learn to differentiate between that. Yes, I even have been created passes at and that I am wooed and flirted with. I believe that’s traditional which isn’t solely in my trade. that’s a traditional issue to happen, however, harassment hasn’t happened to me. I believe everybody knew that I used to be the sort of who would name and shame somebody at once and nobody with me. Yes, I will say that a certain quantity of skilled harassment is going on with Maine and that I am speaking regarding it ever since.
Now, that you just area unit a region of CINTAA’s harassment grievance committee, what’s your battle the course of action that must be taken in such cases if somebody from trade or media files a grievance regarding identical ?

Raveena Tandon: we’ve got not very had a gathering wherever we’ve got consolidated any quite action, however. But, we tend to area unit functioning on suggestions and pointers to place ensure rules and clauses wherever lady actors area unit protected against sexual and skilled harassment. there’ll make sure pointers for that positively.

Amidst all the eye on our country, so many ladies starting, there was a recent name of a comedian Varun Grover that came out and folks came come in his support that he may be a wrongful victim of the movement. What does one get to say regarding that?

Raveena Tandon: See, I’m clearly telling you that I don’t recognize something regarding Varun Grover which I even have not examined him. I cannot investigate him. But, my request to folks and to ladies is that to not minimize this movement. we tend to area unit talking regarding harassment at the work and skilled harassment that’s a significant issue. Trivializing it or incorrectly victimization this, that in several cases, even the laws that defend ladies from rape are incorrectly utilized by ladies. the sole issue is that we tend to additionally come back to understand who is real or not. My attractiveness would be to not minimize it. As a result of the movement are lost then. It’ll become a mockery. Real and real cases can become the losers during this cut-price then.
The movement is gaining momentum and goes in the right direction. Some names that have pop out are stunning for folks. does one suppose to any extent further ladies can pop out with names from the industry?

Raveena Tandon: I believe this can be the tip of the iceberg, I believe if this goes within the right direction and girls receive support, I believe there’s ton additional to return.