Emraan Hashmi is seen entertaining in Why Cheat India movie’s poster

Why Cheat India movie review,Emran Hashmi is one who has very much mirch masala for a topic. Seeing the first poster of ”why cheat India” movie showing the acting skills of Emraan Hashmi who are criminial.He really knows to capture the audience’s attention and he is not busy  making out with his leading female.Why Cheat India movie show his charisma to the fans.

The film is based on around the examinations concept in India of engineering and medical entrance exams and there also shows about suicide.This movie is focus on the criminalisation of education.Rakesh Sharma aka Rocky’s role is played by Emran Hashmi.In the movie,there shows that,his earnings comes from getting educated men to write papers for who are fail in the examination.

Small-town lad Satu trapped by the money.He falls into the various web and he uses his intellect for helping others and also his family.Satu’s sister Nupur (Shreya Dhanwanthary) is attached by Rocky.

In the movie,Emran Hashmi has done a good job to show us hooked for telecasting  of one-liners like “No that you, no sorry.”The audience really enjoy the chemistry of Emraan and Shreya.Songs might have been easily avoided.This movie’s story is very much  mirch masala for a topic of importance.The best thing is that the real funs began before the interval.