Deepika Padukone And husband Ranveer Singh Share their wardrobe:watch this

Newly wed Bollywood heart couple Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh.Bollywood fans are always wanted to see athem together and knowing about their lifestyle. The two got married in two wedding ceremonies – Konkani and Anand Karaj. After 6 years of their relationship the couple give their relationship 1 step forward by getting marred. The two make for a perfect couple and made for each other. They set a grate couple goals from when they had started dating each other. Yesterday, at an event,An interesting things comes out about their relationship when Deepika was asked if she borrows anything from husband Ranveer’s wardrobe.
On this, she said that” I borrow a lot of sweatshirts and t-shirts from his wardrobe”. When asked if Ranveer borrows anything from her wardrobe, she said “he takes my sunglasses”. Well, that’s the example of a perfect couple. In an interview, Deepika had revealed that their wedding ceremonies were magical and everything fell into place; the weather was perfect and it was surreal for them to solemnize their relationship in the presence of their family and friend.
When we asked the newlywed about what she felt when Ranveer became her husband, Deepika replied, “I think soon after the ceremony was done. The minute we held hands it was different. It was not like holding my boyfriend’s hand; he’s your man for life. Almost, instantly it happened.”
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