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Both Ravi Shastri and Nimrat Kaur denies rumors about dating. “It is the biggest load of cow dung” according to Ravi Shastri

There’s a never ending relationship between the celebrities and the media. The allegations of dating and denyings are never going to go away . Recently ex-cricketer and the coach of Indianan cricket team has been alleged to date actress Nimrat Kaur .

Both Nimrat kaur and Ravi Shastri has denied all these rumors and allegations . Ravi Shasrti gave strong reactions on this regard and addressed all of these as “Biggest load of dung.” After further asking, he replied,”Nothing to say when it is the biggest load of cow dung.” He ended by saying, “When I say cow dung, you must understand.”

Nimrat also didn’t chose to remain silent. She recently tweeted,

“Fact: I may need a root canal. Fiction: Everything else I read about me today.”

In her another tweet, she added,

“More facts: Fiction can be more hurtful, Monday blues exist and I love ice cream. Here’s to trash free happy days ahead”.

In one of her interviews she expressed her thoughts on this matter and said,

“I think love and relationships need tolerance. It’s easy to fall in love and have great sexual chemistry with someone. It’s exciting to discover each other. Then what? How does one make it last? Our parents and grandparents lasted for 50, 60 years together. Why can’t we have that kind of a relationship?”

Before these rumors started , Ravi shastri was married for about 22 years with his ex-wife Ritu and they have a daughter named Aleka. Apparently, the rumored couple Ravi and Nimrat have been associated with a German luxury car since the year 2015 and they were seen together in events which started the rumors.

On the work front, Nimrat  kaur was last seen in Alt Balaji’s web series The Test Case, and the actor is currently shooting for the next season of the show. Ravi Shastri is in England with the Indian cricket team, participating in a test match.