Bipasha Basu said about the Marriage withKaran Singh Grover:” There is someone waiting for you”

Bipasha And karan Singh
Bipasha And karan Singh

Bipasha Basu said about the Marriage withKaran Singh Grover:””

Marriage has been a satisfying background for on-screen character Bipasha Basu. Who will clock three years of conjugal rapture with actor Karan Singh Grover. She is fortunate to have a spouse like him since he doesn’t put stock in a man-lady separate.
Bipasha began dating Karan in 2015, and they wedded a year later on April 30, 2016.

Bipasa in a phone said
“It has been four years together and now it’s going to be three years for our marriage. It has been beautiful. I feel that it is important that your partner is like your best friend. So, we are in complete sync everyday. We do love to spend time together. Doing everything together. It is a fulfilling experience when you come back home and there is someone waiting for you”.
she added “For a long period of my life, I have been very alone I have done everything by myself. It feels good to be pampered by him (Karan) all the time.”

she also added

“He is an all-heart human being. He is emotional and sensitive. He senses every mood of mine and tries to cheer me up always if I am angry or upset with anything in the world. He is the kind of person who makes me smile and laugh a lot, takes care of me… You don’t see such sensitive people around in today’s time but Karan is a person who is ruled by heart, which is my most favourite thing about him.”

“I’m lucky to have a husband like him because he does not believe in a man-woman divide. He helps me in everything.”

Asked about her film career, she said: “The fact that I have done quite a few supernatural films does put you in a bracket. Yes, my aim was not to do another supernatural film and that is why I chose ‘Aadat’ as a film to do after a long time because it is a thriller. I love thrillers and it has got romance as a base.