Bigg Boss 12: this is often what Anup Jalota’s ex-wife Sonali Rathod should say regarding his relationship with Jasleen Matharu

Bigg Boss twelve contestants Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu left everybody as well as Salman Khan shocked after they created their ‘relationship’ official on the premiere night. Jasleen was Anup Jalota’s student and things slowly progressed into love. whereas coming into the Bigg Boss house along with her partner Anup, Jasleen had aforementioned, “ this is often reaching to come back as a large shock to my oldsters and friends as nobody is awake to my relationship with Anup Jalota JI. we’ve got been chemical analysis one another for the last 3 and a [*fr1] years. we tend to typically don’t get time to pay with one another within the outside world thanks to our busy schedules, however currently with the assistance of Bigg Boss, we are going to get to try to to thus. Also, we are going to get to grasp if we will remain forever.”

Anup’s ex-wife Sonali Rathod was asked concerning her opinion concerning Anup’s and Jasleen’s relationship, during a telecommunication interview with Spot boy.For this, she aforementioned ‘Why would I point out my ex husband?’ Sonali conjointly disclosed that she does not extremely follow Bigg Boss and has affected on blithely along with her life. once more asked if there’s something that she {would like|would extremely like|would love} to mention she aforementioned ‘Not really, however I want Anup the absolute best in his life.” The singer was then asked if she meant each professionally and in person to that she replied ‘Yes’.

Sonali was Anup’s 1st married woman and once they compound ways in which, she married singer Roop Kumar Rathod.