Alia Bhatt reply for Kangana Ranaut’s statement that:”I am embarrassed”

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Alia reply for Kangana statement that:”I am embarrassed”

Some time ago Kangana Ranaut was extremely enamored with Alia Bhatt and her splendid exhibitions; particularly in Raazi. Be that as it may, considering Alia was among most of Bollywood celebs who didn’t turn out in help of her most aggressive film, Manikarnika: The Ruler Jhansi. Kangana has lost all her regard for Alia. Indeed, she even gotten out Alia for being Karan Johar’s ‘manikin’ and how she actually needs to grow a spine.

Manikarnika actress saying, “I am embarrassed. What is there to beat in Gully Boy performance ….same snappy muh phat girl… Bollywood’s idea of a fiery girl, woman empowerment and good acting, spare me this embarrassment, please. Media has taken filmy kids love too far…stop pampering mediocre work or else bar will never be raised.”

In reply Alia Bhatt surprisingly didn’t lose her calm but simply maintained saying, “I respect Kangana’s work a lot and I respect her opinion. If she feels a particular way she must have reason to feel that way. I would rather remember how much she had praised me after watching Raazi. And I’d just like to focus on my work. Maybe she will appreciate me again if I work hard enough.” in interaction with Bollywood Hungama.

Meanwhile Alia said “Listen, I definitely don’t have the ability to speak as candidly as Kangana does and I really really respect her for that. And may be in a way she is right that sometimes we do hold back. Kyunki hum nahi chahte ke, khamakha kyun bolna… My dad always says that there are already so many opinions in the world that the world could do with one less opinion. So, I have an opinion but I will keep it to myself. But kudos to her because she genuinely speaks really well”.