AIB Fame Utsav Chakraborty molestation Case: Mallika Dua, Varun Grover, Sapan Verma, slam comedian

Utsav Chakraborty, Mallika Dua, Varun Grover, Sapan Verma and a number of {other|and several other} other comedians have slammed Utsav Chakraborty for sexually harassing women.Amid Tanushree Dutta-Nana Patekar row, yet one more issue that has caught everyone’s attention is AIB fame Utsav Chakraborty, UN agency has been defendant of sexually harassing women. Utsav earlier worked with AIB as Associate in Nursing actor-writer, has been defendant of harassing minor women. listening of the matter, the cluster force down all the videos that featured Utsav and aforesaid that this behaviour is unacceptable whereas supplying a politician statement. Meanwhile, Utsav has been abundantly apologising to any or all the ladies UN agency have return up with these allegations.

It all began once Utsav criticised a gaggle of Indian men harassing ladies in Australia on Twitter.

His comment backfired as a Twitter user discovered details regarding however he would apparently raise women, several of whom were minors, to send him their nude photos. Post that, many women came up with similar stories. whereas Utsav for sure has been drawing flaks from everywhere, his fellow comedians like Varun Grover, Sapan Verma, Mallika Dua et al have conjointly slammed him and urged ladies to talk up.

Varun Grover in his tweet aforesaid Shameful, creepy, ugly behaviour by a fellow comic (Utsav/@Wootsaw). a lot of stories setting out, all as a result of @AGirlOfHerWords determined to talk out. Indian Comedy, like each different business, wants a #TimesUp.
Kunal Kamra during a statement to leading daily aforesaid, “As a man, i’m humiliated. it is a pathetic state of affairs. we tend to square measure coping with an equivalent state of issues that screenland is – ladies aren’t safe, there’s favoritism and concentration of power. we’ve got not used our power, liberties and privileges further as we should always have jointly. this is often a critique of myself enclosed.”

Sapan Verma, the co-founder of East India Comedy, conjointly spoke to the media house and aforesaid, “There isn’t any comedy union, and therefore the definition of a comedian’s geographical point is incredibly complicated.”

Mallika Dua in her column within the newspaper conjointly wrote, “I have worked with Utsav in sketches I did for AIB. I even have met him at the AIB workplace, and he was talked regarding as being versatile. But, my interaction with him was bottom. Later, I detected he had stirred to Bangalore. I detected regarding what happened once I saw fellow comic Supriya Joshi’s tweet nowadays. once I browse the whole thread, i used to be dismayed. we tend to had seen this happen recently with Shamir Reuben further. For me, as way intrinsically incidents go, there’s no ‘innocent till well-tried guilty’. If you select to believe she [Mahima Kukreja] is telling lies, i select to believe she is telling the reality. It’s revolting and disturbing; we tend to square measure walking/talking/working with predators each single day. These square measure very gifted folks, however that does not mean they’re on top of doing all this. i do not believe that Associate in Nursing organisation ought to suffer owing to one person, though. i’m upset that my videos with Utsav are delisted from AIB’s web site. I exerting for what I do. however what we will do is strip these guys of their title and glory. The comedy circle conjointly incorporates a terribly young audience – women UN agency do not know their rights. Even toying ought to have its boundaries. Lines like ‘Hassi toh phassi’ and ‘Naa mein haan hain’ square measure such wrong statements to create – this is often the culture they’re accustomed. Utsav has aforesaid he needs to state the “context”, and that i would like to hear it. however without delay, i’m fed up, and if I had familiar this earlier, i’d ne’er have worked with him.”

She conjointly replied to Tanmay Bhatt’s tweet speech, “Actions continually speak louder than words. This toxic, sexist, bro culture in comedy is vile and quite simple to ignore till we tend to or one in all our own becomes a casualty. “He’s a creep however…”. NO there’s no fucking however.”
Well, the incident is admittedly surprising.