Actors’ kids should be learn to be actors, Shah Rukh Khan told

When comes to choosing a career,children follow in their parents’ carrer,Star kids also want to follow their  parents’ footstep.Shah Rukh Khan’s children also follow their own,it would be assume that the superstar’s son Aryan and daughter Suhana will be soon seen in the Bollywood debuts.

The Zero actor replies that,“Aryan doesn’t want to act, he wants to make films. He’s writing, directing and learning stuff for four years. It’s one of the highest levels of studies at the University of Southern California to become a filmmaker. My daughter wants to act. She also has to attend a four-year course in theatre. I think both of them should study.”

Suhana already made a adorable debut on a magazine cover last year and SRK told that,“But she still has to work for four-five years. Everybody has to do that. I was telling someone if a doctor’s child cannot become a doctor without learning how to be one, how do you expect an actor’s child to do that? They have to learn to be actors. Aryan and Suhana are studying in institutions that will teach them acting, which will help them to hone their craft. Post that, if they have the desire and the madness to be involved with films, as a writer, director, filmmaker, actor, then they should choose to be a part of it.”