Aayush Sharma’s next also to be produced by Salman Khan?

After creating a debut in LoveYatri opposite Warina Hussain, actor Aayush Sharma can star in Salman Khan’s next which will be an action-packed massy drama. Sometimes, new debutantes within the Indian film industry find yourself touch the correct nerve with their performances within their first film that paves the manner for a fortunate career in the industry. Their acting caliber impresses the who’s who of Bollywood that helps them in operating their up the within the industry. This may be aforementioned concerning the debutante Aayush Sharma. He debuted within the movie LoveYatri that release last month. The movie was conjointly a first for his co-star Warina Hussain and was made by Salman Khan.

LoveYatri was a story and all over up being the everyday Bollywood romantic saga. Now, sources have revealed that Aayush is all set to star in his next venture which can be an everyday massy action-packed drama. Moreover, we’ve conjointly learned that Aayush’s next will be made by brother-in-law Salman Khan. As per DNA, “Salman Khan watched the film and likable Aayush’s performance and screen presence. They were discussing that film to try to next after they got hold of a script that each thought would be good for the youngster. It’ll even be made by Salman Khan Films. It’s an action-packed movie, that is extraordinarily massy. Aayush has taken correct action coaching throughout his years of homework. He contends the romantic lead in LoveYatri, thus currently he needed to require up to a rank action film. He believes within the same construct as Salman Bhai. He desires to entertain the audience and includes a strategy in situ. He desires to achieve the interiors of Bharat, that several actors his age have did not cater to.”
If this were to be true, all the training Aayush went through in preparation for his first, can find yourself serving to him in his next venture. There have been rumors of Aayush Sharma conjointly major during a movie titled My Punjabi Nikaah. However, that’s not on the cards. Amidst all this, the news of his next venture being an action-drama is sort of a modification from his initial and is additionally getting to receive the steering of the Bhaijaan of Bollywood, Salman Khan.