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Sonam Kapoor goes Under hair transformation for her new role in film The Zoya Factor

Now-a-days ever particular role has to be played so perfectly in every movie as the competition is beyond imagination in Bollywood industry as well as the criticisms. To be presented as the particular character of a movie, the artists has to go under several makeovers and so did Sonam Kapoor for her new role as a executive in an advertising agency in movie The Zoya Factor which is based on Abhishek Sharma’s book as the same name as the movie.

The  movie The Zoya Factor is  based on a story line which is about a Rajput girl named Zoya Singh Solanki who meets the Indian Cricket Team through her profession as an executive in an advertising agency and ends up becoming a lucky charm for the team in the 2010 Cricket World Cup and  where Zoya falls for skipper Nikhil Khoda who doesn’t believe in luck and superstitions.

Recently Sonam Kapoor shared a story about  her hair transformation where her hair seems to be curled up which is hard for her as she was born with long and silky straight hair. She put the following story on her social account which says ,

“so i’ve been blessed with super straight silky hair. And i’m taking the plunge into curly”

in another story she wrote ,

“almost Zoya”

South Indian actor Dulquar salman will play the role of Nikhil Khoda opposite her.