18 years of Zubeidaa,Manoj Bajpayee finds sincere on on working with Karisma Kapoor and Rekha

Today,Zubeidaa movie completed eighteen years of it’s release and we found Manoj Bajpayee in sincere working with Karisma Kapoor, Rekha and Benegal Shyam.Zubeidaa is one of the best photos of Bollywood.The film’s star are Karisma Kapoor, Manoj Bajpayee and Rekha.The film’s story is based on of a young man Riyaz (Rajit Kapoor) who craves to learn more about his mother Zubeidaa (Karisma Kapoor).

Zubeidaa movie’s director Benegal Shyam narrated the story of the movie very carefully.The film nude would relate to story of Zubeidaa.This movie won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Hindi.

Manoj Bajpayee’s acting skill is too much good that the audience find it completely real.Today,Zubeidaa completed 18 years of it’s release and we find Manoj Bajpayee to know some anecdotes about working with Karisma Kapoor, Rekha and Benegal Shyam.We asked him,how he feels  to see a film that released 18 years ago. He told us, “I feel proud when my old films are still talked about and Zubeidaa is one of them. It has been directed by one of the great filmmakers of the country, Shyam Benegal. When approached me for the role, everyone doubted on his decision of casting me as a prince. People’s doubts and fears went into the air when they saw the film.”

The actor added,“Working with Karisma Kapoor, Rekhaji and learning horse-riding for months, spending time with Shyam and learning so from him everyday comes into my mind when I think of it now. You feel lucky to have such films in your filmography and the confidence of such a great director in your acting makes it even more special,”

Bajpayee told us, “Karisma was aggressively involved in the film and she was playing the titular role. She was doing something that she had not done in her career and Zubeidaa happened to her. She wanted to prove a point and one could sense it because of her passionate involvement in the project. Rekhaji was like who was a veteran expert even then. I still remember she played my wife who’s older than me and she used to teach me things about etiquettes of how to hold a hand of a lady. Horse riding is something I will always remember. I used to go from Lokhandwala to Race Course every day at 5.30 am. Most of the polo scenes are done by me. Playing polo is a child play.”

We asked him, how he changed himself.Bajpayee said, “The whole movement started with Ram Gopal Varma’s Satya and then, many theatre actors and directors started coming in as there was a chance or space for them in the industry. That’s how it started 20 years back and now, it’s blooming. Now, we have to be a part of content-driven cinema. Yes, the time has changed but it took 20 years.”